Monday, September 22, 2008

HATE IT! 90210 Starving for Attention

Will the desperate 90210 press gang do anything for some cover time? Even sell out the eating habits of two of their 'stars'?

The latest sensational US Weekly magazine exclaims that two of the actresses from the vapid 90210 are 'Too Thin For TV' -- gosh, the girlies don't eat, hunger pains are transforming them into total bitches on wheels and cast-mates are planning a meal-time intervention. Smells like the dying show is grasping for any crumb of publicity that it can gobble. 

The best part? Hearing that 'Gossip Girl's' Penn Badgely was quoting as saying that he hoped the bone-rack actresses scarf down a loaded cheese burger. Hmm...that will shut them up for awhile!

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