Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HATE IT! Stop Criticizing Kate!

Kate Middleton ~ She's got one mother of a hectic job: being girlfriend to the most eligible bachelor in the universe, Prince William. Constantly dodging paparazzi, having the press speculate non-stop over a possible Royal engagement - and then there's the daunting reality of possibly one day having Queen Elizabeth II as your mother-in-law, the girl has it tougher than most. 

Yet poor Kate can't catch a break. The incessantly rabid UK tabloids are continually having a go over her choice of occupation. She's sitting on her well-dressed derriere waiting for Wills to propose! they sneer. "Waity Katie" exclaimed another. Even Queen Liz supposedly got into the act, saying she wasn't pleased with Kate's lack of employment. True, Kate's had only one job since her 2004 uni grad -- she toiled for Brit clothing retailer, Jigsaw but quickly discovered the daily chase away from pushy photographers was too much to handle. With her art degree, she pondered working in a gallery until her impending employers pulled the plug over paparazzi worries. What business wants snappers camped outside 24/7? Bad for business, you bet!

It's hard enough to start & keep a career but when you have the added challenge of dating a future king in a celeb-obsessed society where everyone wants a piece of you, the stakes get much trickier. What's a girl to do? Shaking off the criticism, Kate does have a proper job -- with her parents hugely successful party accessory company, Party Pieces. Plus, she has many charities that she's associated with so back off, critics! The girl is doing the best she can, and in light of how the press harassed William's mother, Diana, you would think people would learn from past mistakes. For shame!  (photo: Reuters)

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