Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RATE IT! A Delicate Flower Lily is Not

I'm not one to condone drink-fueled obnoxious behaviour in public places, but I had to laugh when I heard about UK popster, Lily Allen's shenanigans in London on Monday night.

Lily was co-hosting the GQ Men of the Year Awards alongside prickly Elton John. Their combined star power -- a crinkly for the oldies, a wild London gal about town! -- had the organizers absolutely beaming but no one could have guessed that their sparky banter would lead to an on-stage verbal slagging match!

Booze (champers, actually) was flowing and lovely Lily couldn't be any less of a lady. Slurring on stage, Ms. Allen said it was time to announce the most important part of the evening, to which a pouty, fed-up (and possibly, sober??) Elton blurted, "What? Are you going to have another drink?" Ah, Elton was waving the proverbial red cape in front of this bullish gal! Not one to back down from a challenge, fiesty Lily spit, "F*** off, Elton!! I'm 40 years younger than you and have my whole life ahead of me!" Me-ow! Whatever Lily can throw down, Mr. Crocodile Rock can match *and then some*. Classless Elton apparently questioned little Lily's coke snorting capacity -- right there squarely on stage in front of EVERYONE! London for once fell deathly silent. The audience gasped. Double decker buses stopped. Pigeons in Trafalgar Square froze. But don't go home yet, there's more! Elton, ever the whiney bitch continued to bait Lils, and was spotted chastising her backstage. Surprisingly, the awards ceremony did wrap and polluted Lily wasn't carted out with her dress hiked up around her earrings like on other public occasions. 

Don't you love it when celebs behave badly? Think they'll be asked back next year?  


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