Friday, September 19, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Bits & Bites

At first, I was just looking for an excuse to post this photo of 'Gossip Girl' studs, Nate & Chuck, lounging in Central Park - if only to show off Chuck's natty attire (green socks, red trousers and it's not even Christmas, you say!) - but it looks there's some actual news to pass along...

GG Creator Josh Schwartz was speaking with Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune this week and let spill a few trade secrets. MINOR SPOILER type material coming if you don't partake (and I generally do not), tread no further. Rest assured, I'm not putting up anything that won't rain on your parade and give you the secrets to the sophomore season.

Still with me? Okay...just minor stuff...Schwartz has hired actress Willa Holland to play a new snotty rich bitch gal pal of Jenny's. Willa was previously the horrid little sister to Mischa Barton's character on Schwartz's previous success, 'The O.C.'. Just what little J needs...more vapidness fluttering around her - brilliant! 

Apparently, golden boy Dan will end up in jail with Chuck at some further details given. Plus, Blair's mother will be getting a boyfriend -- and it's not the spiffy guy she met strolling in the park last season. Try actor Wallace Shawn -- remember him from 'The Princess Bride'? He must be loaded. Why else would haughty Mamma Waldorf date someone so...plain looking?  (photo: The CW)

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Oh Chuck in red trousers! I'm surprised Blair's mom is not going to start dating Rufus. I'm GLAD that's not going to happen. Little J with tude must be returning and that's a good thing. But most of all, I just want more Chuck Bass!

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