Monday, September 8, 2008

RATE IT! Oasis Get A Dose of Their Own Meds

I can't help but laugh at this story!! Last night, Oasis were playing the Virgin Fest here in Toronto. The show was non-eventful, until some freak ran on stage and literally tackled Noel Gallagher off the stage! With one Gallagher brother flying, the idiot then turned his aggressive attentions toward Noel's bro, Liam -- but unlike his older brother, Liam saw the goof coming and gave him a couple punches while security swarmed and yanked the guy off the stage.

The band stalked off only to return about 10 minutes later to finish their set. With the Gallaghers notoriously beating each other up on stage and slagging everyone else off in the press, it's kinda funny to see them get a dose of their own medicine. Check out the video to see the actual assault:

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