Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RATE IT! The Puppet Master Strikes!

More than halfway through 'The Ex-Files', episode four of 'Gossip Girl' Monday evening, I was complaining that we weren't privy to enough Chuck. Blair, Serena, Dan...even the lesser girl posse characters who clomp after Blair (and we can't remember their names), were all up to various tricks and back-stabbings...but not dear Chuck. Hey, if little J or Eric disappear, it's not much of a loss...but Chuck? A nation mourns.

But clearly I spoke too soon. Did you watch? If you did, you know what I mean! Chuck, the puppet master, was in control *all along*. Even Blair didn't figure it out...and even if she did, it was far too late! They say a new Queen is in town - truth be told, the King never left!  (photo: The CW)

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