Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HATE IT! Zeta-Jones Who Bound?

Am I the only person who finds this little tidbit of casting gossip off the mark?

Apparently, scribe Russell T. Davies who is in talks with the BBC about a potential theatrical version of the Doctor Who television series, thinks Catherine Zeta-Jones would be the ultimate companion for the time travelling doctor. 

Isn't she a bit too polished, posh....um, old?! Dr. Who needs a side-kick that mucks it up and has tons of sass. Catherine is just too...contained...reserved and would be more like an older sister than a butt-kicking always hinted at but never confirmed love interest.

At least Davies is hoping to cast David Tennant, the current small screen doctor as the lead. If we're lucky, Mrs. Michael Douglas will be too busy with her ancient hubby and the role can be given to the rightful owner, Billie Piper.  

(photo: AP)

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