Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RATE IT! England WIN!!

Okay, so it was only a qualifier for the 2010 World Cup, but from the guts and glory that were evident on the pitch during the England-Croatia match today, a non-fan could easily be led astray to think it was the match to end all matches. 

Theo Walcott scored his first *ever* goal for England...then he scored another and then another. Frank Lampard had one stolen away, and John Terry just missed losing an eye prior to Croatia netting their only goal. And even blood was spilt...Joe Cole was gathumped in the head opening a sizable slice in his noggin that knocked him temporarily unconscious, and forced him out of the game. When all was said & done, England were victorious at 4-1. And for us, our nerves were shot!

We're exhausted but still have the energy and the spirit to toast our side. All hail ENGLAND! You made us proud, and 2010 is going to happen! No doubt, the bandwagon jumpers have all climbed back on once again! (photos: AP, Reuters,


Anonymous said...

Alright, I love me some Mickey Owen, but seriously, after today... Mickey WHO? Peter WHO? Stevie WHO? Sod 'em! We don't need 'em - we've got Wazza and Theo!! (Good grief, I hope Fabio keeps Defoe permanently on the bench or drops him from the squad altogether. He's an embarrassment...)

Excellent result! Now, let's have one of those every match until the WC final in 2010, please!!! :D

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xoxo

Misty Stiletto said...

The magic of blood, it even made Joe Cole seem appealing for a few seconds, until he passed out that is.

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