Friday, September 26, 2008

RATE IT! New Season, New Race

The ONLY reality show worth watching returns to our screens this Sunday ...Emmy Award winning, The Amazing Race.

The 13th season promises more vomit-inducing eating challenges, dodgy local cabbies and a host far more appealing than that Survivor guy, Phil Keoghan. Phil could whoop Jeff Probst's ass any day.

Tune in if only to realize that you have no such courage to race around the globe in 23 days without proper sleep, hygiene, or meals. Climbing skyscraper walls, looking for clues in haystacks and eating ostrich eggs -- all par for the course. You'll never be more fond of your couch or last night's leftovers! 

For an early look at where these brave folk will be traveling, click on the just released tour map here

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