Friday, September 19, 2008

RATE IT! Emmy Awards

Hurrah - award show porn! This Sunday, television's popularity contest raises the's the 60th Emmy Awards.

All the usual suspects will be in attendance...cast of 'House', all the annoying people from 'Grey's Anatomy'...probably a Desperate Housewife or four (or is it five?). And they'll all walk away with swag! Gift bags are still the rage in Hollywood and despite the fact these stars can afford their own Rock & Republic jeans, iPods and Valentino sunglasses, they'll be trucking home a plethora of free bounty. 

Companies fork out thousands upon thousands of dollars to stock award show gift suites. Ridiculous - much? Providers of swag bag items crow that they make their money back and then some. They say when us regular folk spot our fave celebs wearing a certain hat or pair of sunglasses, we'll all stampede to our local shops and buy all the same gear. I don' you? Who are these people? 14 year olds with Mum's bank card?

Regardless of this inappropriate swag free for all, I'll still watch the show if only to make fun of the dresses and horrible acceptance speeches, and to see just how skinny Ellen Pompeo has become. It's free, it's entertaining and Hollywood can stick their glossy swag bags where the sun *does* shine.  

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