Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RATE IT! Dimi Does It

Result! Manchester United handily defeated Denmark's Aalborg 3-0 in the Champions League today. Cue many a United fan worldwide celebrating - oh yes! Don't hate us because our team is incredible! Facts, are facts.

Stellar performances by Brazilian teen phenom, Rafael -- he of the excessively curly locks, and break-neck speed. The kid's only 18! The boy (geez, I sound like Sir Alex now) was so impressive until a knock to his knee had him stretchered off the pitch. Save some applause for new recruit, the 32 million pound man, Dimitar Berbatov. Dimi scored not one, but two - his first two goals for United. Hopefully the critics will now shut up! Us believers knew all along he'd be an ace.

Way to go, Dimi!

(photo: Berbatov.net)

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