Saturday, September 13, 2008

RATE IT! 90210 Self-Combusts

I call it as I see it! The new 90210 -- boring, slow, a dinosaur, a vehicle for greedy TV execs to *attempt* to rake in a fortune on the back of an old premise that has seen better days...

Well, looks like I'm not the only one! The second episode of the new 90210 is dropping viewers faster than John Mayer turfs celebrity girlfriends. Ratings fell by 30% in the States, and by an even greater margin in Canada -- 60%!

Will the bleed continue? While I do my happy dance at the prospect, may I invite you *again* to watch 'Gossip Girl' instead. Now there's some proper television with *actuall* attractive people and cunning storylines. 90210, so over!

(photo: Art Streiber/AP Photo)

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

Love this bitchy side to you, LTG!!

Not watched the show, old or new, and don't think I'll be bothering.

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