Tuesday, September 9, 2008

RATE IT! No Sophomore Slump Here

To quote Blair Waldorf, "Oh...My...F-in...God!" Yes, the sophomore season of 'Gossip Girl' is THAT good!

I would love to spill...but spoilers give me hives, plus many UK friends loiter here so I owe it to them not to be loose-lipped (their season two start isn't until January 2009, poor things).

I *can* say that Chuck Bass out performs episode after episode -- you should see the latest Blair-busting trick that's sneakily tucked up his spiffy sleeve. For her part, Blair is at the top of her game -- an easy victim, think again! And the others? Well, Nate's a well-coiffed mess, Serena & Dan are all hormones and Jenny is...just where *is* little J? That leaves us with poor Vanessa - like her character, her story-lines are at the bottom of the bargain bin, poor girl. All in all, a very VERY tangled Upper East Side web. Which brings us full circle back to Chuck - the Bass brat runs the proceedings here, and in doing so, 'Gossip Girl' is in very entertaining hands.

90210 can only aspire to be so tasty and fulfilling.

(photo: The CW)

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Misty Stiletto said...

Spill, spill, spill. I don't mind you giving the game away. Pleeeease, I can't wait till January!! So not fair. I'm gonna throw a strop soon. I miss my rich, snobby, fabulous friends!! Think I'm going to cry into my The OC boxset.

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