Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HATE IT! Owen Hargreaves Bio

Biographies are the most enjoyable books to read. Juicy, often fluffy and full of gossip and rarely known tidbits -- what's not to like?

Well, in the case of the recently released unauthorized bio of my favourite soccer player, Owen Hargreaves, it pains me to admit that the first *ever* bio on my man is a complete waste of precious time.

Owen has had an incredibly interesting life -- and for a 27 year old, that's saying something!! Born in Canada, moved to Germany on his own aged 16 to join the pro footie factory at Bayern Munich. He learned to speak German and eventually cracked the starting line-up at one of the most respected soccer organizations on the planet, and was invited to play internationally for Canada, Wales and England -- Owen chose England, the birthplace of his father. Just over a year ago, he made the leap to Manchester United, won the league and European Championships. So many achievements in less than ten years. 

Yet this book manages to make Owen's adventures sound boring and predictable. The writing is dry, occasionally factually incorrect and completely pulled from interviews that can be found elsewhere. Owen and seemingly, no one who actually knows him, was interviewed. And don't get me started on the photo section

If you're a fan, skip this book. Save your money and spend some time in Owen's official website and read articles there. You will learn much more about Hargreaves for free, and send a message to book publishers that fans won't buy such empty bios any more! It's too late to save my time & money, but hopefully I can save your's!

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